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Household Energy

Thermal Camera

SSB would like to help South Brent people stay warm, save money, and help the planet.

Seeing is believing so we're planning to make heat loss visible.  How?  By using an infra-red camera. For this winter, we plan to survey  20 to 30 houses in South Brent using this camera.  It takes a picture that identifies the warm spots (where heat is leaking out).  The dark areas are the well-insulated areas.  

Each volunteer householder will receive a photograph of the infra-red image of their lit and heated dwelling taken at night, together with a written report for each surveyed house.  There should be a benefit to the householder, to neighbours in similar properties, and to the wider community by highlighting the issue. There will be a cost to SSB in doing this and donations from householders who benefit from this service would be most welcome.

Pressure Testing for Draughtiness for One Lucky Householder

In one house (sadly only one) we intend pressure testing the house for draughtiness; then using the infra-red camera, where we'll try to demonstrate where cold air is coming in. We hope that a number of people will witness this from inside the house.

Thermal ScanReport Joddy Chapman, SSB Trustee

On a blustery Friday in May I attended a day-long series of lectures on energy saving in older buildings at the Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) headquarters near Bovey Tracey. Introduced by Jonathan Garlick, Technical Officer of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) and titled “Fit for the Future: latest research and guidance on appropriate retrofit”, this technical session was aimed at architects and building professionals but included a condensed version of the “Old homes eco-course” run the following day for home-owners.

Helping residents to reduce their energy bills and lower their carbon footprints


A successful group was set up in 2012 which led to energy saving measures for those involved. Many homes had photo voltaic panels installed on their roofs. We plan to set up another group in 2014.


Unfortunately the scheme whereby we helped nearly 100 houses to get either loft insulation, cavity wall filling, or both, has ended. Our partner Energy Action Devon no longer exists. For insulation, we suggest you now contact your energy supplier or try the government Green Deal scheme or call 0300 123 12134.


We now have our own meter which is available for members to borrow, on a rota basis. You can monitor your household electricity usage and associated carbon emissions over a period - interesting for all the family.


0ne click three-way plugs for TV and audio equipment save stand-by energy use. Also available free, courtesy of Energy Action Devon

Other Activities

Low Energy Light Bulbs

We have been promoting usage since 2007. About 800 have been given away at village events, all provided by Energy Action Devon. Most people now seem to have all they need.

For their disposal, use same method as with non-rechargeable batteries and strip lights - handle with care and hand in at local recycling centre.

Photo-voltaic electricity generating roof panels

Some of our members have participated in the grant funded transition Town Totnes scheme. SSB cannot offer a scheme yet, but several of our members have arranged their own installation. A typical average house costs about £8000 for set of panels.

Low Energy Light-bulb Recycling

Both CFLs (compact fluorescent light-bulbs) and LEDs (light emitting diodes) are considered hazardous waste. This is due to their small mercury content. They can be recycled by taking them to the COBRA collection point at Wakeleys in Station Yard.

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