Are you concerned about plastic pollution and other kinds of rubbish?

Did you know:
that globally only 14% of all plastic is collected for recycling?
that 8 million tonnes a year ends up in the oceans?
that 40% of plastic made worldwide is used for packaging?

People everywhere are working to solve the problem of plastic pollution…and we can help by choosing recycled, reusable or compostable plastic goods over disposable, and recycling as much as possible…

…AND by joining the TALKING RUBBISH group where we discuss all kinds of local initiatives that might help – and take ACTION as well as talk!

Contact: and check the events calendar for details of our meeting times and places.

Terra Cycle projects for hard to recycle plastic

Terra Cycle is an international recycling company that was founded in 2001 with the aim of recycling plastic materials that are difficult to recycle. Information on their web site says that over 100 major brands are involved across 20 countries. The company runs 2 types of recycling programmes:

– Free programmes which are sponsored by the manufacturer or brand and are open to anyone to join
– Zero waste programmes which are not sponsored and businesses using
the service must purchase the Terra Cycle collecting box, as this covers
the cost of collection and recycling.

To join a free programme you need to go to their web site and choose the project you would like to support; start collecting items for recycling in your home, office or school; download free shipping labels and send off your waste to be recycled. You can also take items to your nearest collection point if you have one; or you can set up your own collection point if there isn’t one in your area. You can even earn rewards for your school or non-profit cause.

Free recycling product programmes are listed on their web site and include:
– Febreeze Air Freshener
– Garnier Personal Care & Beauty products
– Biscuits and Snacks
– Writing instruments (only open to schools)
– Colgate Oral Care
– Crisp packets – Walkers have recently entered into a partnership with the company to re-cycle all crisp packaging and the scheme is due to start this December. This is good news as Walkers alone produce around 13 million packets of crisps a day in the UK!

For a full list of free programmes and further information go to or ring Freephone number 0800 0470 984 or email