At the first meeting of its new council on 20th May 2019, South Brent Parish Council resolved to declare an ‘Environment and Climate Emergency’. Prompted by a letter from SSB trustees, this was in the context of Devon County Council and the UK Parliament having declared similar emergencies. It is also in the context of the publication of the IPCC special report on Climate Change in October 2018, the IPBES report on biodiversity and ecosystem services in May 2019, the Committee on Climate Change’s report on ‘Net-Zero: the UK’s contribution to stopping global warming’ in May 2019, plus David Attenborough’s programme on climate change, School Strikes and Extinction Rebellion protests etc..

The declaration of the ‘Environment and Climate Emergency, will push the parish towards the fulfilment of some of the carbon footprint reduction aims in the ‘Parish Plan 2016+’.

In making this declaration the Parish Council would:

  1. Pledge to do whatever is in its power to make South Brent carbon neutral by 2030
  2. When making other decisions, including planning decisions, take into account the effect on the progress towards the carbon neutral target and increasing biodiversity
  3. Where necessary consider a partial diversion of funds to reinvigorate the actions in the Parish Plan that help achieve the target
  4. Place this issue on Council and Committee agendas to agree strategies and action plans
  5. Work with other local authorities, neighbouring local councils, appropriate government departments and other organisations to determine, implement and deliver best practice methods to limit Global Warming to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels
  6. Regularly review progress, taking action on recommendations to address this emergency
  7. Explain and inform people through the Newsletter and the website, about the implications of the emergency, about the measures we are supporting, and actions individuals can take themselves to mitigate the crisis
  8. Support the SSB Zero Carbon Group and provide a link Councillor as point of contact

The new SSB Zero Carbon Group has been set up by SSB to find practical ways of reducing our carbon footprint as individuals and as a community. The group is exploring ways of working differently to reach a wider audience. If you want to be part of the group or just want to be on the mailing list contact Jeremy Sabel – It will appear as a new Project on the SSB website shortly.